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YES, we do, we also have a children menu and highchairs.

YES to dogs or cats, NO to horses/other species 😉.

YES we do, you can come in to buy it or we can also deliver.

YES we do! You can book directly on our website or if you can’t find any availability give us a call or drop us a message on Facebook. If it’s for a same day booking we might not see your request on time but we do advise walk in as we keep 30% of our tables free for walk in.

YES you can! We’ll even sing Happy Birthday to you. 😉

YES absolutely, delivery is available if you live within 3 miles or else you can always collect.

Our phone lines are manned during our opening hours and sometimes due to how busy it can get, it’s very difficult for us to pick up the phone.

If you’re calling us and it doesn’t ring/no one is picking up, drop us a message as we do check our messenger regularly (even during service).

We are sorry to hear this, we really try very hard to make things right. If you ordered directly from us give us a call or drop us a message on Facebook and we will respond to you asap. Please note that during service we might not be online but be assure that we will respond to you.

If you placed an order on another platform, we kindly ask that you contact them directly first as we are quite limited as per the terms of our contract with them as what we can do to help. If however they can’t handle your complaint/queries give us a call/message and we will try our best to help resolve the matter.

YES, we can definitely cater for allergies, if you are unsure give us a call however if you have a severe allergy then unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to cater for you as some of the product that we use can have traces of allergens.

YES, we do! It’s all about being inclusive and we can make all our dishes halal, we even have turkey bacon. All our halal food is cooked separately without any cross contamination.

If you are placing your order online and want your burgers well done please write it in the note or else depending on the ph level of the meat colour can range from light pink to red. All our burgers are temperature check to make sure that it’s safe to eat.

Delivery during the weekend might be delayed and we are extremely sorry about this, we always try our best to get your food to you as quickly as possible.

The estimated time given to you on our online platform is just an estimate, once we get your order in the kitchen depending on how busy we are we might have to add time to it. (Sorry 😩)

Preorders, unfortunately we cannot accept them. We can try our best to get it to you as close to the requested time as possible but that might not be possible depending on how many orders we have in the kitchen at the time and drivers available.

Deliveroo; folks we’ve been having some issues with this platform for a while now, we’ve told them many times that we are not receiving some orders but they are still trying to find a solution, so if your order is running even slightly late we advise calling as we might not have received it in our kitchen.